Meet The Team

Patsy Dunn.  Photographer

Patsy's creative life began when she danced professionally for a ballet company in her home country of South Africa.   The discipline along with exposure to stagecraft helped inform her work as a photographer along with her studies in fine art and art history.  With well over 30 years as a photographer she is well known for a broad repertoire of style, having worked successfully in the highly competitive world of commercial/advertising photography.   She has won numerous awards and been exhibited both in South Africa as well as the USA (Manhattan and Los Angeles).   Best known for her high end beauty work and fine art portraits, she adores the craft of photography stating that "I photograph anything and anyone who moves me" and she will use any camera, no matter how simple or sophisticated to achieve results.  

Sam Dobbins.  Photographer

Sam enjoys a reputation of being one of the finest character actors in Hollywood and is further regarded as one of the true gentlemen in this tough industry.  His creativity has extended beyond being in front of the camera.... he has moved behind it to emerge as one of the industry's finest headshot specialists.   He therefore has a unique perspective in terms of understanding precisely what casting directors are looking for and what performers need visually to get in the room.  He shoots with complete belief in the talent in front of his lens - genuinely seeking the best mix of elements such as location (he shoots anywhere and everywhere), always looking for ideal lighting and subliminal perspectives in order to obtain the best visual result for talent.